How we came about

Our desire is to provide a Solution.

We have evolved from our beginnings more then 15 years ago to offer more solutions then just security solutions.

Evolving technology, Evotech Solutions. We use the latest and greatest products that move with time, so we know it will work to its capacity. Solutions from Security to wireless networking, and speciality solutions like solar and thermal imaging. Check our Products and Services to see more information.

Our desire is to work with our clients to build a relationship, not only to do business. People start the business and also maintain the business so we endeavour to know the people behind the business to better understand their needs. We have grown in our life time as individuals to realise that we all need help in one way or another from others. Knowing peoples needs and concerns helps us to grow in our understanding and knowledge.

Your choosing us will help you get a solution that works for you, help us gain a new relationship and gain more understanding and knowledge and in turn that understanding and knowledge will help others in the future with jobs we do for them.

Companies that have helped us grow

  • Dulux Paints
  • Giltrap Northsore
  • Linwood Contracting
  • Cover Plus Insurance
  • Aronui Training Provider
  • Ramarama Country Inn
  • Red Bull Powder
  • Ngati Whatua Property Investment
  • Adina Hotel

And many more great business and homes with much appreciation from us.

We have a lot more that we want to do in this world and we do hope that one day we fulfil those hopes and desire as well, but we cant do that without you. As we fulfil those hopes and desires we will post them here so you know what you have helped with, with thanks from us.